Silver Industry Partner Application

An Industry Partner shall be an Industry Partner, not a member of the Institute, Only CPM, CPM Candidates, ARM, ACM, Associate, Student, and Academic Members, and AMO Firm Members. By signing below, I agree that I shall not hold myself out to be a member of the Institute of Real Estate Management, nor shall I use or permit the use of the designations or any other indication of membership in, or affiliation with the Institute. I understand that , if approves as an Industry Partner, I may use the name Institute of Real Estate Management and/or its acronym “IREM” only in conjunction with the words “Industry Partner” for the sole and limited purpose of indication that I am an Industry Partner.

The “Industry Partner” program is not a National program but solely and exclusively under the direction and administration of IREM NC Piedmont Chapter 56. All rules, regulations, privileges, penalties, costs, dues, modifications, administration and such are under the sole direction and discretion of IREM NC Piedmont Chapter 56. IREM NC Piedmont Chapter 56 may modify and/or terminate participation and/or program without prior notice.